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We LOVE our Twin Z Families!
Thank you for sharing your precious little ones with us!

These are my 5 1/2 month old girls Avalynn (in light pink) and Kailey (in bright pink) in the pillow we just got as a gift. I absolutely love it for them, they love to practice sitting up in it or just lounge around. It is also the only way I can get them to do tummy time for more than 5 minutes without screaming. It makes it so much easier to feed them when I have to do it on my own (I have to bottle feed) . Thank you so much for this awesome invention! It is by far the best item we have for them. If I ever know anyone having twins I will definitely strongly recommend them to purchase the Twin Z Pillow! -Nicole
Hello! We are big fans of the Twin Z in my family, I found you online and bought a pillow for my sister when she discovered she was having twins. And then 3 months later I discovered twins were on the way for my husband and I! Now 4 mths old, my twins have used it for eating, snoozing, and playing since day 1. It even came with us to the hospital where we amazed all the nurses and hospital staff with its awesomeness. We cannot thank you enough for our amazing Twin Z, it makes daily life SO much easier and storytime SO much more fun!
Hi Michelle,
I’m not only grateful for your fantastic product but for your amazing customer service – from when I cancelled the order after my mom advised me that in her experience of helping raise her other randchildren, Boppys and other nursing pillows were a waste of money and effort and you graciously assisted in the cancellation (even though the transaction had gone through), to when, after struggling with feeding/nursing my twins, I decided to get the Twin Z pillow any way. It was one of the best things I ever did. From nursing time to play time (and even sleepy time), my little ones have loved it. After weeks of scepticism, my mother was sold out and admitted that Twin Z is in a league of its own. So thank you once again for inventing such a great product.
Kind regards, Mo
Hi Michelle,
Our pillow arrived the day I got home from hospital, so it’s been a busy few weeks. I just wanted to say thanks a million for your help with sorting out the UPS delivery. It was delivered in time and got here safe and sound. It has been a huge help with breastfeeding the twins, I really don’t think I could have done it wihtout the pillow. The back support is brilliant and very comfortable. Unfortunately though, the breastfeeding isn’t working out as planned and we’ve had to switch over to formula, but we are using the pillow for bottle feeding too and so far so good! Thanks again for everything!
Very educational testimonial for moms of preemies. This is Sidney and Hector born June 5 2013 loving their pillow and each other. I wanted to let you know that our Infant Development Worker (a program we have where we live to track and help with preemies and twins…to make sure all is okay) loves the pillow to help develop core muscles in preemies, something they often lack and leads to them arching their backs too much to support their heads and flinging their arms out rather than bringing their arms to midline. So our boys spend time in the pillow everyday (not just when nursing or bottle feeding) to help curl their spines and round their shoulders. This is by far the most used and best piece of twin equipment we have and can only see us using it for years into the future!
Thank you Shawna

The Twin ‘Boppy’ Wannabe Over the last year, I’ve done my share of research on unique twin novelty items. But I always thought someone would make a killing inventing the “Twin Boppy”. Well it turns out… someone did! My good friend Nicole bought me this insanely genius invention. Truly a must-have for any mommy of tiny twins. The actual product name is Twin Z Pillow and can be found at THIS website, and you can choose from lots of different fabrics! You can do boy-ish, girl-ish, OR gender neutral. Someone was thinkin! The girls love to sit in it. And today, for the firsttime we had a successful tandem feeding! Hands down my favorite twin-baby item.

Hi! We have 2 month old identical twin girls. 🙂 We found your pillow by chance online  when we were thinking ahead to how I was going to feed two babies at once when my husband goes back to work (our girls are all bottle fed). This is by far the BEST purchased we have made since the girls were born. I have the My Brest Friend twin plus pillow, which is nice but yours is SO much better! The Twin Z pillow is so sturdy – it’s almost like a couch cushion and that makes it so wonderful. Much sturdier than the Boppy pillows. Right now the Twin Z is the only place my girls will consistently sit and be happy or fall asleep (besides crib at night). We’re even considering buying a second one (nursery is on the second floor, kitchen and our room on the first, would be easier to have two than drag the one around!). Thanks for an amazing product. It’s been a sanity-saver for us and we’ve only had it 3 or 4 days.
Update…. Hi! We still LOVE our Twin-Z – both of them! I use it every day for double feedings. And thanks for putting my last review/email on the website – I hope it’s helping others!
I stopped breast feeding 2 weeks ago- but we still love our Twin Z… They are learning how to sit and it’s a great tool to use to assist them, as its higher on their bodies than the boppy- and they can still hold hands which they like to do. Tonight we all lied down in it and I read them stories- it has so many uses! Great product overall and I would buy it again in a heart beat!
Just wanted to thank you for this product! Best thing ever! Makes having twins easy. When I was first looking into buying a nursing pillow I was worried about spending $70+ on the item and not being able to nurse. I choose the Twin Z because it had mulitple purposes… And indeed it has served those. Breastfeeding, positioning, bottle feeding, support for my other children and nephew to hold the babies, and now working on head control/modified tummy time. The list of uses just goes on. Again thank you!
I bought this pillow for one of my best friends who is due in December with identical twins. My sister just had twins in july and could not imagine nursing them both without your wonderful Twin Z pillow! My sister loves it. And its soft enough for the baby to lay on and firm enough to hold them in place while nursing them. She lays in it even when she’s not nursing. They babies love to sleep on it. The older kids even like to lay on it! Its the perfect pillow! Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for your email and for creating an amazing product. I had twin girls in January and your double boppy pillow really helped to make life a bit easier. I could not imagine how I was going feed two babies at once. I used that pillow for almost every feeding the first 3 months and it made a world of difference. Especially in the middle of the night! Thank you Thank you!!

The Twin Z Pillow is a necessity for a mother who is nursing twins!! It has been a blessing!! I have 4 children(4, 2, and 4 month old twins) and would not have had the time to nurse both babies separately. We have also figured out you can use this pillow for many other purposes such as a prop, support and pumping. Instead of having 2 boppy pillows I prop the babies up in the Twin Z. Now that they are sitting up some I use it as a supportpillow. Whenever I pump at home I sit in the Twin Z for the back support. I would also recommend purchasing two, one for the house and one for the car. My husband and I are always on the go with the other children and the other pillow is great to have for backup! Thinking back to nursing my older two children the Twin Z pillow would have simplified this task as well. I recommend this pillow to everyone I meet who are planning to breastfeed!

I got this pillow on recommendation when my twins were 14 weeks. We had the San Diego Bebe before that, which was great but I found that as they got older I was somewhat smothering them under my breasts as it sits higher when feeding. They now feed much more comfortably on this one and I have to say the back support is far better both in comfort and in practicality as it is fixed and with the San Diego I would have to fuss around in bed to get the support right or pillows propped up correctly. At the same cost this is better too because it can be used as a seat for the babies so you get more for your money! The only thing that you don’t get with the Twin Z is a privacy cover but unless you are really bothered then you can use a muslin over each shoulder to cover up a bit. I only used mine on the San Diego a couple of times in the first week or so. Pippa
My boys absolutely love the Twin Z Pillow! And mommy loves it even more because of the back support it provides while nursing them. The other pillows I have actually made my back hurt. And my older son loves it too! He cuddles on the couch with it when the boys and I are not using it. I have 2 my brest friend deluxe pillows. The problems I found with them are they lost their shape quickly where the back support is, they gave me back aches, and I am small so it fit very loose and there was a large gap and the boys would fall into it. Thank you again for making such a useful, much needed, awesome product!
Hello!! My name is Bonnie, and I have 2 month old twin girls. I’m struggling with breastfeeding, and finally decided to research twin nursing pillows. I tried using a boppy, a bunch of bed pillows and couch pillows, all resulting in a slipping, sliding mountain of pillows and babies. Once I found your pillow, I knew I had to have it!! It is SO EASY to nurse my girls, and then supplement them all times of the day. I love the back support, and the wide arms that support the most important factors – the babies! My husband even uses it when he feeds them, and my 3 1/2 year old loves snuggling his sisters with the help of this amazing product! It’s been a lifesaver in so many ways!
THANK YOU!!! Bonnie
Thank you, Michelle! I just purchased a pillow, and I can’t wait to see my little boys on it.. A friend of mine just gave me an EZ 2 nurse pillow (I think that’s what’s it called, something like it), and I still made the investment with the Twin Z pillow because I’m so excited about all of the other uses for it beyond breastfeeding.  I’m very frugal, so that says a lot about how I value your product, when I’m foregoing a free nursing pillow for one that was $89!  🙂  Thanks for the free shipping. That’s awesome!
Hello, As far as my pillow goes…I LOVE it! It has totally been a lifesaver for me. I am able to play with both my boys at the same time while they are hanging out in it. I am also able to feed them at the same time which was a big issue for me at first when my husband went back to work. My boys also love the pillow, they sleep in it all the time and in fact have been known to pass almost a whole night in it (when my husband and I fall asleep in the living room while they are napping) I think the first night they slept more than three hours straight was in the pillow. I tell everyone that is expecting twins to buy one because it has been so helpful to me.  Thank you for creating it! Nicole

Before the babies were born I bought a twin nursing pillow and when they finally started nursing well, I just didn’t have any luck tandem feeding. The pillow was stiff, awkward, and it never stayed in place. I WISH I had the Twin Z Pillow when Grace and Leo were very little. When I got the pillow, I opened it and saw that it came with a neat carrying bag. I put on the removable cover, which was super easy, and set the kids up in it. Because Grace and Leo are 7 months old now, we mainly used it for sitting. It kind of envelops them and even if they fall forward, the pillow catches them. I did try tandem feeding, and it was by far the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. It has a nice back support and it clips together in the front, so the pillow stays nice and secure. If I had this from the beginning, I think we would have given tandem feeding a chance. Because they are still getting evening bottles, I tried it to bottle feed them. It clips together in the front which prevents them from sliding down. I’ve tried other pillows to bottle feed with when they were little, but they always slid down and I would always have to stop mid feed to reposition them. Annoying. This pillow is just so versatile. I haven’t seen any other pillows out there that can be used for so many different activities. You can really use it from birth until they are done breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is good for tummy time, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, story time. Really any activity. I would definitely recommend this to any twin mom. I think anything that makes your life easier when you have multiples is worth buying. Here are my little models.

Just wanted to send an update that we still get daily use out of our Twin Z Pillow for our girls! They are now sitting on their own wonderfully, and I really believe the pillow has something to do with it! If they are laying in it they propel themselves up and if they fall back again they just bounce right back up! Now they don’t need any help sitting! Being that my husband works crazy hours and I have to take care of them a lot by myself, this pillow has really been a lifesaver! I attached some newer pictures of my girls! I really can’t thank you enough for this awesome pillow 🙂
Hey Michelle,
The Twin Z pillow is working great! I wasn’t able to use it for feeding the way it was intended because my twins have reflux and have to be fed in a chair sitting upright, but I actually use the pillow for me every feeding. I have it sitting behind me up against a wall in the nursery and sit in between both chairs to feed them, it makes all the difference having the pillow because I’m able to feed them and be comfortable doing so. It keeps my back from hurting. I won’t feed them without the pillow, because it makes such a difference. Also, we use the pillow for their tummy time like you suggested on your website and that works great! The boys only like tummy time on the twin z pillow, they get fussy if we put them on the flat floor. I also love the fact that the pillow material is so soft. You really made a great product that has multi-uses and I’m so glad we have it!
Thank you so much! Meredith
I hope you don’t mind, but I had to write another review. Last time I wrote one I had only had the Twin Z Pillow for 2 days. Since then I have used this pillow every single day and have realized just how much the Twin Z Pillow does. The girls rest in it, I can talk and laugh with them both at the same time, it’s good for tummy time, practicing sitting, and yes photo ops! I have to admit, I don’t use it often for feeding as my girls are formula fed and typically eat at different times. When I have used it to feed I typically set one baby in my lap and the other in the Twin Z Pillow on the side of me. I am so happy I found this pillow and it is a MUST have for Mommy’s with twins!
Hello, As far as my pillow goes…I LOVE it! It has totally been a lifesaver for me. I am able to play with both my boys at the same time while they are hanging out in it. I am also able to feed them at the same time which was a big issue for me at first when my husband went back to work. My boys also love the pillow, they sleep in it all the time and in fact have been known to pass almost a whole night in it (when my husband and I fall asleep in the living room while they are napping) I think the first night they slept more than three hours straight was in the pillow. I tell everyone that is expecting twins to buy one because it has been so helpful to me.  Thank you for creating it! Nicole
I can’t even begin to describe how the Twin Z has transformed our lives!
The boys and I love it! It is so easy to get them both into the proper position for tandem nursing. It is flexible and comfortable, but still very supportive. We tried another popular brand, but it was so rigid and they would struggle and cry; and then I would cry too! I thought they were just too little, so I nursed them individually. Each week we would try again and still no success. We also tried two single nursing pillows and just a bunch of regular pillows. Nothing worked without a lot of effort. I was spending so much time nursing because I couldn’t feed them together. The worst part though was when I was alone and one would be howling while the other nursed. I really cried then! Since getting the Twin Z a couple of weeks ago, we have had at least half of the day’s feedings be tandem. I’ve started to bring it upstairs when we go to bed at night. That way I can nurse them together first thing in the morning. Plus they love to hang out in it too. I’m sure we will be using the Twin Z for a long time. I do have one criticism though. It may be too comfortable! They usually fall asleep while nursing now and then I’m stuck until nap time is over!! 😉 Never wake a sleeping baby! So I’m not getting much done around the house, but that’s okay 🙂 The boys like to do synchronized “aerobics” Here are some successive shots in the Twin Z! Thank you for inventing this life saver!
I’m letting everyone know this is the only pillow to consider!
I have been meaning to write you about the pillow! I LOVE IT!!!!!
I have not met anyone else with twins who nursed, so I’ve been a little lacking for guidance. I have 2 older singletons, who nursed, so I’m not totally new to it, but nursing 2 at the same time has been in interesting challenge. I had purchased another nursing pillow, based on a few blogs that I had read, but I had my issues with it! I couldn’t use the full pillow because it used velcro to keep it together…can you imagine the sound of ripping velcro waking your babies after a successful nursing session. Or removing that part of the pillow, only to have a twin always sticking to the velcro pad and having to unstick them whenever they wore terrycloth. And once the babies hit about 2 months, I was having to hold up their rears as they nursed because they continued to slide down the back of the pillow as they gained weight.  I didn’t know what I was going to do! I knew they needed support from behind me to keep them propped up into position for nursing. I can’t even remember how I came across your product, but once I saw it I KNEW it was what I needed! I ordered it immediately! When the large box arrived I tore it open and haven’t looked back! It is great support for the babies and has helped to alleviate the back pain and hunchback that was required with the way I had been nursing. I love being able to set the twins in the pillow, so they are propped up and looking at me (or the TV). The angle that the babies lay on the pillow are perfect for nursing and having them close to talk to more intimately. Its fun to have them both so kissably close to talk to and snuggle without the juggling the babies and rearranging in my arms. So THANKS for the great product, and I continue to look for twin nursing moms to tell about this pillow!
From Heather
Hello! My name is Brittany and i have 4 month old twin girls!
I got my Twin Z pillow when they were 3 months old and i could not express enough how much easier life has been since buying this! I was previously using a boppy for nursing and my girls were falling off the edges and I was couched over having neck and back pains. I had finally ordered my Twin Z Pillow and could NOT wait to get it home. The back support on this pillow is amazing I dont even have to be propped against a wall. the girls have enough room on the sides to lay comfortably in football position and the pillow has enough stuffing that I dont have to hold their head up to my breast! My girls also love to hang out in this pillow. They hold hands, play with toys, babble to each other and always seem so comfortable and relaxed! I absolutely recommend this pillow to ANY twin moms I hear of and singleton moms too because that back support every new mom deserves! My prayers have been answered! Thank You Michelle for this invention!
Brittany, Adalynn, Aveya!