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Finally finally finally!!! I found out about the twin z pillow(the sister pillow to the one z) about a year ago when I visited my best friend who had twins. It was amazing. I knew I was trying to get pregnant and went to order a single nursing pillow from the same company. Unfortunately, at the time they didn’t make them. So….I wrote a letter begging for them to create one. I even said pretty please. Long story short, a few months ago I was contacted by twin z pillow. They told me that they are getting ready to release a new nursing pillow for moms of one baby!!!! Dreams do come true!!! They asked me if I would be a tester for them. Yes!!!! Perfect timing because I had just had a baby. I had been using the boppy, and it wasn’t very comfortable at all. It was flat, too small, and worst of all….had no back support for me. Well….my sample pillow came within 2 days. My life had changed!!!!!! This is the best nursing pillow. No comparison at all to the boppy. The pillow is fuller, fits perfectly, and has wonderful back support. Since it’s buckled around your waist, you can even stand up and nurse without having to hold the weight of the baby. Anyone who comes over holds the baby in it. My grandmother heldy sweet baby for an entire hour. The pillow holds the weight of the baby and your arms don’t get tired at all. It’s truly a miracle nursing pillow. I know I sound crazy, but this one z pillow has made nursing so much easier, so comfortable, and just plain relaxing. Another awesome thing about this pillow….it’s made in the USA. Always good to support our country. This WILL be the baby shower gift I buy for every single mom


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Amazing all 3 kids are out cold! LOVE the Sleep Zzz Pillow! Thank you so much for making a great Made in the USA product!


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My 2 year old was in love with my snoogle so when I saw this I knew we had to give it a try. The second I took it out of the box he was in love. He has slept with it every night and hauled it around to lounge in during the day. It is very soft and looks to be very well made.


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I bought the Sleep Zzz pillow for my 10 year old daughter and it immediately became her favorite pillow. She doesn’t sleep with it, but she uses it on the couch, on the floor and wherever she wants to be more comfortable. I know and love the quality of the Twin Z and the One Z pillows. The Sleep Zzz is the same top quality and made in the USA is the added, awesome bonus. I love the versatility it offers for sitting or lying down. It is a must-have and worth every penny.


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My daughter is 5 1/2 yrs and was struggling w staying asleep the entire nite. She inevitably always ended up in our bed in the middle of the nite. The first nite she slept w the sleep zzz pillow she slept through the nite. She said she loved how soft it was and felt so cozy and snuggled up! She hasn’t come in to our room all the following nites– now we are all sleeping through the nite!! Highly recommend!!


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I struggled with weaning my 2.5 yr old for months. He would only fall asleep at night if he was in my arms. Then there was this pillow. He loved the boys sports/balls design & loves how “so soft!” it is. From the very first night we tried it he has fallen asleep on his own & has every night since (over a month later). It perfectly cradles his body which is a huge plus because he is quite the little mover in his sleep. He still has plenty of room to wiggle around but stays nestled all night. Completely and totally recommend – especially for co-sleepers! This is the perfect transition to being able to sleep on his own.


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My daughter has been using the Sleep Zzz Pillow for a few weeks now. We always called her our little nomad because she would wander during the night to her siblings bedrooms. Now we happy to say she has been sleeping soundly in her own bed these past weeks. I have already told my other mom friends our good news! Would highly recommend this Made in the USA product! And this mom can not wait to try the Adult Sleep Zzz version!!


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Our 6yr old always had a hard time staying in her own bed. We previously bought the Twin Z pillow for our twins and we loved it so much I thought why not give the Sleep Zzz Pillow a try? To my surprise, the pillow works!!!! Happy child, equals happy parents! Now if you could create a pillow to help the twins sleep through the night, that would be great!   

Rebecca Michi – Children’s Sleep Consultant

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My clients LOVE the pillow, they really love the pillow. It has been so helpful for touchy feely children. They love the shape, the snugly feeling and the fabric. I will certainly be recommending this to more clients 
who I think will find it helpful. 

Sleep Z Customer

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“Thanks so much for making amazing “Made in the USA” products! My SPD son absolutely loves his Sleep Zzz! He’s been sleeping with it every night for almost a week now… It used to take him 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep every night…