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I don’t know what I did before the One Z Pillow.  Honestly.  It was about how many pillows I would need to steal from my husband in order to get Ruby in the position she needed to be to nurse as well as making myself semi-comfortable while doing so.  Now, I just need this One Z Pillow.  The back support is amazing.  One of my favorite things is the fact that it clips around you and you can tighten it so that everything feels secure.  Now, when I nurse, it is easy to get my daughter in the position she needs to be and stay comfortable at the same time.

Great For Back Issues

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I have back issues and always need a pillow to support my back so I can feed comfortably.  The One Z eliminated the need for more pillows.  It is fuller than the other nursing pillows I have used which helped keep baby in a more comfortable position.  My older children also like it because they are able to hold the baby, properly supported, without a pile of pillows around them as well.  We like our One Z pillow and wish it would have been available when our older kids were babies!


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My first impression, right out of the box, was pure excitement.  I love the brightly colored bird pattern of the waterproof fabric, as does my daughter.  The shape looked fun in general.  I could not wait to try it out with my 7 month old daughter.
My first use of the pillow was FANTASTIC and it has held up to that standard with each successive use.  Once I was set up with the back support, which is great, we got right to it.  The pillow positioned her well and right at the breast.  This left me hands free and allowed her the opportunity to stretch out and relax while nursing.  She is a very distracted eater right now, and I think this allows her to fidget but still focus on nursing, which is a plus for this momma.  When she falls asleep while nursing, she looks so comfortable and relaxed, it’s hard to move her. The fabric does seem to add some heat for her when she nurses for longer periods of time, especially right before bed.  I’m sure this is likely due to the waterproof fabric and could possibly be remedied by the use of a cover.  The pillow is also fantastic for all to lounge on. We have all used it and find it very comfortable. I wish there was an adult sized one to lay in. Overall, I am in LOVE with this pillow and will recommend it to anyone and everyone I know.


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The One Z Pillow is amazing!  I have twin daughters, so I have the Twin Z as well.  However, because of allergies, I was only able to tandem nurse for 6 months.  When I looked to see if there was a single baby “Z” pillow – I was so glad to see there was! The one I have is waterproof, which is EXCELLENT because my babies, even at 9 months, are still spitters.  I use the pillow for both nursing and bottle feeding, and it’s seen its share of messes already.  They simply wipe right off – which is so much more convenient than removing a washing a cover every time. I have back trouble and it’s really painful for me to hunch over to nurse my daughter when I don’t use a pillow (or when I use other popular nursing pillows).  The back support with the One Z pillow is great – I have used it in bed, on the couch, at the table, on the floor – and am able to support myself easily. In addition, I love how cozy it seems for the babies – it seems to angle in so my girls are right up against me, and I’m not afraid they’re going to roll off (as I often am with the other popular pillows). I HIGHLY recommend this pillow for anyone nursing a singleton (and the Twin Z for anyone nursing twins!!!) and I will share my thoughts with anyone who asks!


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Three and a half years ago we purchased a Twin Z pillow for our twin boys. We had such a great experience with the product fitting our needs as well as the customer service that we ended up spreading the word in our twin community immediately. Since we loved the Twin Z so much, we were excited to see the OneZ had been developed. With the recent birth of our singleton, it gave us the perfect chance to try it out. When the pillow first came out of the box it seemed a bit large being it was only for one baby. Once I figured out how to position it, everything fell into place and I was able to comfortably breast feed without having to hunch over or use multiple pillows to prop baby high enough. The back support was a huge relief as I didn’t have to place couch pillows behind me anymore. As far as I know, no other breast feeding pillow offers that extra support for the back and it makes the experience so incredibly comfortable.
The waterproof cover is a brilliant idea and wipes up nicely while still being soft enough against baby’s skin. It was frustrating that the pillow I had been using had to be washed frequently as liquid went right through the cover. The One Z has been very useful for propping baby up for bottle feeding as well and she loves tummy time on too! Just the fact that it is so versatile makes it worth experiencing. This is a great product made by a great company. I would not hesitate to recommend the OneZ or the TwinZ to anyone!


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I absolutely love the new one Z pillow! With my first son I used the boppy, and always had to add more pillows around to get adjusted and comfortable during feedings. Not with the One Z. It is super comfy, surrounds your body and provides support where needed. It is so comfortable to use when breastfeeding, and even great to use during bottle feeds. I am amazed by this pillow. I also love the fabric, it is super cute and easily wipes clean. I also that it is made in the USA. I will be recommending this pillow to all of my friends and purchasing it as a gift for new moms.


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The One Z pillow has been a LIFESAVER. After trying countless nursing pillows unsuccessfully, I luckily came across the One Z pillow. I had been experiencing back pain and eventually occipital neuralgia (nerve pain) from being hunched over nursing. I would use multiple pillows to try to position my baby girl correctly to breastfeed. The One Z got rid of the need for extra pillows as it has support for the baby and my back all in one! I especially recommend it for women that delivered via c-section. My daughter is now 8 months old and I can place her in it so she’s in a comfy position with her toys and books around her!

Great Gift

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Sent this pillow to my cousin who recently had a preemie baby and she absolutely LOVES it! Makes feeding time a breeze and the back support of the pillow helps with moms comfort level as well. I love that this pillow has so many uses and can be used for tummy time and helping the baby sit up when the time comes. The super soft removable cover is so comfortable for the baby and it is washable which is key for any baby product! Much more than just a nursing pillow and I know that it will be used for years to come!

One Happy Mama

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I could not be happier with this product! Makes feeding time a lot easier and more comfortable for momma! The back support makes all the difference in the world and Thomas thinks it’s pretty comfy too, as he is now lounging in it. Thanks again for another great product!

Happy Boy Mom

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I had purchased the Twin Z Pillow 2.5 years ago when I was pregnant with my twins. I LOVED it! So, naturally I was EXTREMELY excited when I heard about the One Z Pillow being released around the same time as I was due with my singleton boy.

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