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The One Z Pillow is amazing!  I have twin daughters, so I have the Twin Z as well.  However, because of allergies, I was only able to tandem nurse for 6 months.  When I looked to see if there was a single baby “Z” pillow – I was so glad to see there was! The one I have is waterproof, which is EXCELLENT because my babies, even at 9 months, are still spitters.  I use the pillow for both nursing and bottle feeding, and it’s seen its share of messes already.  They simply wipe right off – which is so much more convenient than removing a washing a cover every time. I have back trouble and it’s really painful for me to hunch over to nurse my daughter when I don’t use a pillow (or when I use other popular nursing pillows).  The back support with the One Z pillow is great – I have used it in bed, on the couch, at the table, on the floor – and am able to support myself easily. In addition, I love how cozy it seems for the babies – it seems to angle in so my girls are right up against me, and I’m not afraid they’re going to roll off (as I often am with the other popular pillows). I HIGHLY recommend this pillow for anyone nursing a singleton (and the Twin Z for anyone nursing twins!!!) and I will share my thoughts with anyone who asks!