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The boys just turned 6mths today and are growing well. We’re on solids now. I guess it’s good to be on just breastmilk & solids now (but I am tipping some formula milk into their cereal!). I just can’t thank you enough for the pillow.
I love it! Oh my gosh, it is absolutely excellent, no kidding! (in fact I used it in hospital from day 2 & found it invaluable!). It is actually even better than I thought it would be – maybe because the material is so soft. What’s also good about it in particular is how comfortable the whole thing is especially how wide it is for the babies for tandem feeding and how comfortable the back cushion pad is when you’re feeding. It seemed the best out of all the rest that I saw and read about and thank goodness you just started delivering to the UK just when I needed it the most.
It’s just a shame that it’s not as well known as the other models but I personally found it to be brilliant! I also used to use it for their tummy time sometimes but now use it for sitting up practice on their play mat.
I also recommended it to a Breastfeeding Counselor who I know and gave her the links and asked her to recommend it to any ladies who ask her about breastfeeding pillows. Please feel free to use my words as a review. Best wishes, Ozioma