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Hey Michelle, The Twin Z pillow is working great! I wasn’t able to use it for feeding the way it was intended because my twins have reflux and have to be fed in a chair sitting upright, but I actually use the pillow for me every feeding. I have it sitting behind me up against a wall in the nursery and sit in between both chairs to feed them, it makes all the difference having the pillow because I’m able to feed them and be comfortable doing so. It keeps my back from hurting. I won’t feed them without the pillow, because it makes such a difference. Also, we use the pillow for their tummy time like you suggested on your website and that works great! The boys only like tummy time on the twin z pillow, they get fussy if we put them on the flat floor. I also love the fact that the pillow material is so soft. You really made a great product that has multi-uses and I’m so glad we have it! Thank you so much! Meredith