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Hello! My name is Katie. I have 4 month old frat boys. We have used the Twin Z Pillow every day since they were born. I can not sing its praise enough! I was spoiled and received the Twin Z and another popular “deluxe” pillow (it will remain nameless for the review!). The Twin Z was for downstairs and the other was for upstairs in the nursery. The Twin Z blew the other pillow out of the water!!! I, sadly, ended up not being able to breastfeed for too long. So the other pillow didn’t really do any use for me. But the Z was amazing! We used it for double feeds (lifesaver!), naps (with supervision), belly time, their monthly photos are taken in it (to show how much they’ve grown) and now we use it for sitting time! My boys love how much cushion is in it. I think I might cry when they get too big for it!