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After my second child was two months old, a friend brought me a one z pillow. What an amazing difference this pillow made! My back had been in such pain from being hunched over to feed my baby for hours day after day. Even though I had been using another pillow designed to help with feedings, the backaches I experienced were bad enough that I was considering going to bottles. The one z was much larger, which I needed to bring baby closer so I didn’t have to hunch over. It also snapped in place so while changing positions or sides, I never had to worry about pillows falling off or getting out of place. The back support provided was so great that there was no need for any other pillows or additional support. I am so grateful for my one z pillow. I wish I would’ve had one with my first child and we would’ve been able to breastfeed longer! I highly recommend this pillow over any other brands on the market. Breastfeeding can be hard enough without having comfortability and back support issues, anything that can be done to give mom relief and make the process easier is money well spent!!