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I have been meaning to write you about the pillow!
I LOVE IT!!!!! I have not met anyone else with twins who nursed, so I’ve been a little lacking for guidance. I have 2 older singletons, who nursed, so I’m not totally new to it, but nursing 2 at the same time has been in interesting challenge. I had purchased another nursing pillow, based on a few blogs that I had read, but I had my issues with it! I couldn’t use the full pillow because it used velcro to keep it together…can you imagine the sound of ripping velcro waking your babies after a successful nursing session. Or removing that part of the pillow, only to have a twin always sticking to the velcro pad and having to unstick them whenever they wore terrycloth. And once the babies hit about 2 months, I was having to hold up their rears as they nursed because they continued to slide down the back of the pillow as they gained weight.  I didn’t know what I was going to do! I knew they needed support from behind me to keep them propped up into position for nursing. I can’t even remember how I came across your product, but once I saw it I KNEW it was what I needed! I ordered it immediately! When the large box arrived I tore it open and haven’t looked back! It is great support for the babies and has helped to alleviate the back pain and hunchback that was required with the way I had been nursing. I love being able to set the twins in the pillow, so they are propped up and looking at me (or the TV). The angle that the babies lay on the pillow are perfect for nursing and having them close to talk to more intimately. Its fun to have them both so kissably close to talk to and snuggle without the juggling the babies and rearranging in my arms. So THANKS for the great product, and I continue to look for twin nursing moms to tell about this pillow! From Heather