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Before the babies were born I bought a twin nursing pillow and when they finally started nursing well, I just didn’t have any luck tandem feeding. The pillow was stiff, awkward, and it never stayed in place. I WISH I had the Twin Z Pillow when Grace and Leo were very little. When I got the pillow, I opened it and saw that it came with a neat carrying bag. I put on the removable cover, which was super easy, and set the kids up in it. Because Grace and Leo are 7 months old now, we mainly used it for sitting. It kind of envelops them and even if they fall forward, the pillow catches them. I did try tandem feeding, and it was by far the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. It has a nice back support and it clips
together in the front, so the pillow stays nice and secure. If I had this from the beginning, I think we would have given tandem feeding a chance. Because they are still getting evening bottles, I tried it to bottle feed them. It clips together in the front which prevents them from sliding down. I’ve tried other pillows to bottle feed with when they were little, but they always slid down and I would always have to stop mid feed to reposition them. Annoying. This pillow is just so versatile. I haven’t seen any other pillows out there that can be used for so many different activities. You can really use it from birth until they are done breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It is good for tummy time, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, story time. Really any activity. I would definitely recommend this to any twin mom. I think anything that makes your life easier when you have multiples is worth buying. Here are my little models. Elizabeth