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I am now the proud mama of twin boys, Jace and Tamico!!! My sister did some research once she found out I was having twins and found your product online. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and do not have any product here like this. My boys were born 11 days ago, at 34 weeks, weighing in at 4lb 4 oz, and 4 lb 10 oz, respectfully. They are still currently in the NICU at the hospital doing really well and I have taken my TwinZ pillow to the nursery so I can tandem breastfeed my boys. Your product has allowed me to sit comfortably for the 2-3 hrs I am sitting in the nursing chair feeding and cuddling my boys, which prior to using it, had given me a sore back and “numb bum” as I call it. Every time I go in to see my boys, the nursing staff and doctors ask me about my pillow and how it works, they are super intrigued and impressed once I give them a quick demonstration. Recently in our area, there has been an explosion in twin births and this hospital delivers most of them in our city. I tell everyone the name of your product and will be forwarding your name and website to the staff there, for future referrals for you, to new and experienced moms who can use such an amazing product to make their babies and themselves super comfortable.
I love the fabric, how super soft it is, and how playful the prints are as well. I currently have the yellow and the birds one. The price was fantastic as well, since I paid around $70 for my single nursing pillow I purchased for my daughter a few years back. I will be certain to keep endorsing your product, as it will make feedings that much more enjoyable and comfortable….which makes for a happy Mama! I look forward to sending in a testimonial picture of my boys as well. Thank you for such an amazing product! Sincerely, Doreen