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Hi there, I purchased a Twin Z Pillow from your website about 8 months ago as I was unable to find anything in the stores that really fit our needs. As I searched online I was excited to find the Twin Z and it worked out great. Even though it was my hope to breast feed, I was unable to when my twin boys arrived. This pillow quickly became a lifesaver for bottle feeding the boys when I was home alone with them. It is great for tummy time as well and everyone who sees it is amazed a product like this exists. We have used the pillow daily since my boys were 2 weeks old. They are now 6 months old and we still use the pillow daily for feedings or cat naps in the living room. My husband calls it the “baby couch” and loves it just as much as I do. My husband and I, our boys and everyone who comes over to help watch them all love this pillow! Again, it has truly made our challenging life with twins so much easier : ) My husband’s mother had 2 SETS OF TWINS and has said several times how something like this would have been really nice to have.    I really should have contacted you much earlier just to let you know how much we love it. I have highly
recommended it to other moms in my Mothers of Multiples group in the past and I will continue to recommend the pillow as it is such a great product. Carley