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Three and a half years ago we purchased a Twin Z pillow for our twin boys. We had such a great experience with the product fitting our needs as well as the customer service that we ended up spreading the word in our twin community immediately. Since we loved the Twin Z so much, we were excited to see the OneZ had been developed. With the recent birth of our singleton, it gave us the perfect chance to try it out. When the pillow first came out of the box it seemed a bit large being it was only for one baby. Once I figured out how to position it, everything fell into place and I was able to comfortably breast feed without having to hunch over or use multiple pillows to prop baby high enough. The back support was a huge relief as I didn’t have to place couch pillows behind me anymore. As far as I know, no other breast feeding pillow offers that extra support for the back and it makes the experience so incredibly comfortable.
The waterproof cover is a brilliant idea and wipes up nicely while still being soft enough against baby’s skin. It was frustrating that the pillow I had been using had to be washed frequently as liquid went right through the cover. The One Z has been very useful for propping baby up for bottle feeding as well and she loves tummy time on too! Just the fact that it is so versatile makes it worth experiencing. This is a great product made by a great company. I would not hesitate to recommend the OneZ or the TwinZ to anyone!