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Hello! My name is Brittany and i have 4 month old twin girls! I got my Twin Z pillow when they were 3 months old and i could not express enough how much easier life has been since buying this! I was previously using a boppy for nursing and my girls were falling off the edges and I was couched over having neck and back pains. I had finally ordered my Twin Z Pillow and could NOT wait to get it home. The back support on this pillow is amazing I dont even have to be propped against a wall. the girls have enough room on the sides to lay comfortably in football position and the pillow has enough stuffing that I dont have to hold their head up to my breast! My girls also love to hang out in this pillow. They hold hands, play with toys, babble to each other and always seem so comfortable and relaxed! I absolutely recommend this pillow to ANY twin moms I hear of and singleton moms too because that back support every new mom deserves! My prayers have been answered! Thank You Michelle for this invention! – Brittany, Adalynn, Aveya!