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Starting a business….

I hadn’t set out to start a business I just wanted to survive having twins. But after the Twin Z came to life, my life was so much easier! So much so that my girls at 10 years old STILL use the Twin Z for snacks and movies. There is not one baby item I bought that has lasted as long as this pillow for use. So a friend said you have to sell these and patent this invention. I thought she was crazy, I didn’t know the first thing about starting a business. But if I was going to do it I was not going to sacrifice quality for profit. One thing I didn’t realize would be hard to do, but I can say without a doubt this product is made of the BEST AND SAFEST MATERIALS. Something I am so proud of. So I deceided to give it a try and the popularity has just taken off!
I am so grateful to all my customers and am so glad that this product has helped so many other moms of multiples! I couldn’t have survived the first twins years without it and I know you all have told me the same. The absolute best part of my job is hearing the success stories from all our customers! Thank You!!!! Keep them coming!

Mom of 2 beautiful 10 years old girls