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The Twin Z Pillow makes life easier for mom and baby

Made For Twins

specifically designed for two with clip for small babies

Eco Friendly

foam free, hypoallergenic, lead free, no flame retardants, no toxic smell, no chemicals added

Back Support

built in back support adds more comfort for mom

Multi Use

use for breast or bottle feeding, tummy time, toddler time, infant support & pregnancy pillow!

Featured Products

Voted Best Back Support!

A spin off from The Twin Z Pillow, The One Z Breastfeeding Pillow was specifically designed with moms of one baby in mind. It’s also great for tummy time, toddler time and infant support for reflux.

Make it the perfect shower gift! 

Our gift boxes can be personalized with embroidery or with a hand written gift card to the mom and dad to be! 

Twin Z on ABC Shark Tank

When I had twins and was looking for something to help me feed 2 babies at one time. I searched and searched but could not find anything that was comfortable or fit my body, so I decided to make my own pillow. So I took my moms 30 year old sewing machine and came up with the first Twin Z Pillow. After my husband and I were laid off from our corporate jobs I decided to patent the pillow and start my company. We appeared on Shark Tank episode 618 where Lori Greiner believe in our product so much she decided to invest in our company.

Fall asleep faster & stay asleep

Why does the Sleep Zzz Pillow work so well?
The shape and the depth of the pillow helps surround the child and makes them feel secure. It will give your child support as if they are being held. Children also love the super soft removable/washable cover. The fabric has a 3mm pile which make it super snuggly!
Available in two sizes for children and adults.

See how to use our products.

Watch our instructional videos for the Twin Z, One Z and Sleep Zzz Pillows.

We LOVE our Families! Looks like it’s mutual!

If you are like me I was thrilled and so excited when I found out I was having twins! So I prepared and prepared for the arrivals of our new little girls. They came before we knew it and I was amazed at how unprepared I was. I also began to realize just how hard it was to feed two babies at once. I had a twin breastfeeding pillow but it was not conforming to my body or the babies bodies. I set it aside and tried my best to get bed pillows propped up. I just couldn’t get my new little angels positioned properly to breastfeed. I also had the worst neck and back pain from leaning over. I thought there HAS TO BE SOMETHING BETTER FOR TWINS! So I searched and searched and found nothing. So I made a pillow that had all the features I wanted so I could breastfeed comfortably and happily. I wanted to enjoy this time with my babies and I wanted a pillow that was one piece so they could bond. And I wanted to NOT have to have 2 of something for the first time! Lastly I wanted a pillow that had substance to it. I wanted it not to flatten out, since my girls loved to be propped up and look all around. I really think it helped in their digestion as well. So was born the Twin Z Pillow.

Michelle Barsosky
Inventor/ CEO Twin Z Company